Alpha Course

Alpha Course - starts September 24. 2024

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If you want to explore the meaning of life, then the Alpha course is perhaps the very best we can recommend you!

On this page you will find detailed information about our course, but you can also only show up on September 24 at 7:00 PM in Trondheim Free Church. Then we will arrange a sort of taster of a typical evening. It will be an evening with great teaching, good conversations and good food. There is no registration or requirement for further attendance, but if you thrive, you are most welcome to follow the course every Tuesday throughout the fall.

The Alpha weekend will be November 8.-10 at Hållandsgården, Åre, Sweden.


Alpha Course

What is Alpha?

An opportunity to explore the big questions in life.
Life presents us with many difficult questions. About the meaning of it all, about death, about God, and who exactly is this Jesus? Many choose to live with their questions; for others, the time will come when you need answers that you can trust.

What do we want with the course?
The ALPHA course is designed to give you answers to your questions. ALPHA is for you who want a clarified relationship with the Christian faith, who have recently become a Christian, who are new to the congregation / congregation, who want to repeat the content of the faith or who are simply interested in the content of the course.

How long does the course last?
The ALPHA course consists of 10 evenings with a gathering every Tuesday, plus a weekend in the middle of the course.

What topics are covered?
Here you have an overview of the topics / questions we address:
1. Who is Jesus?
2. Why did Jesus die?
3. How can I know I believe?
4. Why and how should I pray?
5. Why and how to read the Bible?
6. How does God lead us?

Alpha Weekend Novenber 3.-5. at Hållandsgården in Sweden:
7. Who is the Holy Spirit?
8. What does the Holy Spirit do?
9. How can I be filled with the Spirit?
10. How to make the most of the rest of your life?

After Alpha Weekend:
11. How can I resist evil?
12. Why and how to tell others about it?
13. Does God heal today?
14. What is the significance of the congregation?

How are the course evenings set up?
Each course evening is set up as follows:
19.00 Meal.
19.45 Tonight's theme. We see a 20-30 minute lesson.
at 20.15 Short coffee break
20.20 Group discussion where you can discuss any questions that may arise. You can ask the questions you find difficult, and you can broaden your horizons by hearing other people's questions. The starting point for ALPHA is not that everyone should think the same, but give you a basis for believing that the Bible's message about Jesus is true.
21.25 Joint closing.

What is expected of those who want to take an alpha course?
No prior knowledge of the Bible or Christian life is required to begin ALPHA. If you are looking for God, then ALPHA can be a natural place to start. Everyone who seeks to find truth in life is most welcome, regardless of background !!

You can send questions to ALPHA ( or contact Trondheim Frikirke by phone: 73 91 12 40. If you want to attend, send an email with your name and contact information to and mark it Alpha.

Påmeldingen er over. Ring Trondheim Frikirke dersom du vil være med. 

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