Do you wish to baptize your child or do you want to be baptized yourself?

The act of carrying an child to baptism is an important and big event in a child’s life. Everyone who wishes to baptize their child in Trondheim Frikirke is welcome to do so, this also includes those who are not members in our church. The baptism will normally take place during our Sunday service.

When we carry an infant to be baptized, we are reminded that no one can carry themself to salvation. We are also reminded that in baptism we become a part of the christian fellowship that spreads across the globe, through all times. The child will become a part of the church.

Even though most of our baptisms are of children, there is no age limit for baptism. We will gladly facilitate baptism for youths and adults who are not baptized if you wish to be baptized.

In our church, the whole congregation is seen as godparents for the baptized, in addition to the personal godparents. Therefore, the church has a part in the responsibility of the childrens upbringing in faith.

If you wish to have more information please contact our pastor:

Helge Standal e-post | tlf: 91757151