Kinesisk gruppe

The Chinese group is called Xinguang Fellowship (心光团契). The group was established in the Autumn of 1998 and has since then been organizing activities through the following years till present.
The group organizes Bible study each Friday from 19:00 to 21:00 in Frikirken

The youths in the group organize a separate Bible study each Sunday after the Church service

The group also organizes prayer meeting regularly at home of each brother and sister.

When there are traditional Chinese events such as the mid-Autumn festival and Spring festival, the group organizes special gatherings to share good food, stories, and testimonies.
You are welcome to join the group either by sending email to or adding Wechat: chaozxx.

May God richly bless your stay in Trondheim (愿神祝福您在特村的每一天)