Trondheim Frikirkes scouts consist of two groups, the cubs/beavers (year 1 to 4) and the scouts (year 5 to 10).

There is always room for more scouts, so if you want to join we welcome you with open arms!

At the moment we have the following groups:

Flokken (Year 1-4) We hope to have a group for the youngest participants this year, but we need more scouts to be able to continue with this group.

Troppen (Year 5-10) is divided into different units with 4-8 participants. They have weekly meetings and go on four to five sleepovers a year. In the summer we travel to a summer camp.

Rovere (after year 10) plan their own meeting and go on fun/cool trips which they plan themselves. They will often join the other scouts on their trips or camps. We have activities both inside and outside, but we try to avoid becoming “sofa scouts”. Most of our meetings are therefore outdoors. We meet at 18:00-19:30 on Thursdays and you will find out where to meet in the program. If you wish to have more information, please contact our group leader:

Brita Sandstad 481 80 443 e-mail

or our troop leader:

Thomas Johansen 98646485 e-mail