Compassion café

The compassion café gives out warmth, food and compassion to our disadvantaged citizens.

Address; Erling Skakkes gate 70

Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday between 6 and 8 PM our doors are open for all those in need of a free hot meal, a sandwich or packed lunch.

The compassion café is an interdenominational, low key activity that works together with the other low key activities carried out by organisations as Kirkens Bymisjon, The peace corps and so on.

Contact information:

Walther Jarwson tlf 90578910 (Daily leader)

Hilde Reitan, 93243033 (Board leader)

If you wish to help please send an email to us and provide us with a brief introduction about yourself.

If you wish to support us economically you can wire the money to the following account:

4200 37 05999

All gifts, regardless of size, will help us make a difference.