Welcome to the services and meetings in Trondheim Free-Church!

The Sunday is the most important day of the church. Then we gather to meet the Risen Jesus, to listen to the Word of the Lord, receive his gifts, praise, pray and worship. We gather to meet each other and confirm that we belong to each other, as the family of God.

The early church and the New Testament do not recognize any private faith. The Christian faith is personal, but at the same it does belong in the fellowship of the Church. Thus the gathering for service with the Word, the Communion, the Worship and the Fellowship is fundamental for our understanding of being a church.

The church in Brøsetveien 145A is only an 8-10 minutes walk from the student villages at Moholt. The building is white and square, and it is just a bit further away from the students villages than the white traditional church building at Moholt, along the same road and on the same side of the road. It has 400 seats, and the whole service in Norwegian is simultaneously translated into English. We have about 50 seats equipped for translation. So just bring your family and friends, too! The Sunday service starts at 11 o'clock.


The international members of the Frikirke get together regularly and would be thrilled to welcome you as well! Please follow the link "Cross Cultural Fellowship " in the "Activities" tab above for more information.

At the moment only a small subset of the Norwegian pages are available in English. But we intend to make english versions of most pages.

Brøsetveien 145a
7048 Trondheim
Telefon73 91 12 40
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